How Do We Get the Challenge Off to a Great Start?

Step 1: Take Preliminary Measurements

It all begins by determining each person’s starting point. There are four ways we do that in the Whole Life Challenge:

  1. Take a preliminary body measurement (hips and waist, body fat, or weight)
  2. Do a preliminary workout of your choice
  3. Take a picture of yourself (a “before” picture)
  4. Complete the Quality of Life questions, a series of questions to help you get a handle on your health and happiness today.

We’ll provide you with our suggestions of workouts we’ve seen work well in the past. We also suggest you kick things off with a live, in-person community event. We’ve found this gets everybody off to a great start!

Step 2: Hold a Kickoff Event

The best way to get your employees excited and ready to start with a bang is to hold a Preliminary Event.

There are two distinct ways this could go:

  • As an evening event:
    • Whole Life Challenge-compliant hors d'oeuvres
    • An introduction talk by the CEO
    • A motivational (health and fitness related) speaker
    • A walk-through of the game by your company's designated WLC Facilitator
  • As an athletic event:
    • Preferably held on the first Saturday morning of the WLC
    • Employees check in like they would for a local 5K or 10K race
    • Body measurement are taken at private stations (weight, girth, or body fat)
    • The preliminary workout, which could be the same for all, or could include a range of workout choices based on fitness level, age, and goals
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