My score for a day seems to have disappeared

Q: My score for a day seems to have disappeared. Did the system "eat"  or lose it?
A: We have done extensive testing of our system over the years, including having an independent site verifying the data... And we can assure you that if a score has been entered, it is locked into the system. It does not "disappear". 
What does happen every Challenge (and we know this to be true because it has happened to us), is that people swear that they have entered their score for a day, when in actuality, they haven't. They notice when they see a big white blank strip on their rainbow chart once they've entered their score on the following day. They think back and swear that they did, in fact, enter a score - and are 100% convinced they did. And will argue, convincingly about it - that the system must have lost or "eaten" it. 
The simple fact is that the system didn't... And they actually didn't. It might feel 100% like they did, but the activity is so similar to what they did on the previous X number of days that they simply don't remember, and are super bummed (and upset) when they discover it. 
If this happened to you, take a deep breath, realize it's a game, and that you missed entering your score. 
It's okay. Really. And it's why we give you Mulligans. 
Use your Mulligan to enter your score for the day you missed and move forward without missing a beat.
If you want to make sure you don't forget in the future, we suggest you set a recurring alarm at a time you are sure you'll be able to enter your score each day. 
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