Rules: Nutrition

Nutrition (0-5 points)

You begin each day with 5 points. You will lose a point anytime you eat a food that is prohibited (based on your nutrition level: Kick Start, Lifestyle or Performance. When you record your score, enter the number of points you have remaining.

Click here to find a comparison of the levels as well as a complete list of what is allowed and prohibited in each of the 3 Nutrition Levels of the Whole Life Challenge. A general rule of thumb: If you don’t know whether something is allowed, don’t eat it.

REMINDER: Losing points for food choices during the Challenge is normal and expected. Making choices like this is part of life. Don’t choose perfection over your happiness or quality of life. If you’re at your best friend’s wedding, drink the wine and eat the cake! Losing the points is worth it. As far as we’re concerned, learning how to make choices that result in long-term health, happiness, and well-being is much more important than earning a perfect score.

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