How to Describe the Challenge & What to Say

Your community members will only be as excited as you are about the Whole Life Challenge, so really own it! Take it on. Treat it like the big event that it can be, and your friends, clients, employees, and family members will be excited.

Pique your clients’ and employees’ interest during classes or meetings by telling them to be on the lookout for information about an event that is coming on [Challenge Start Date]. You might say something like: “I don’t have all the details yet, but I just want you to know we have something really cool that begins on [DATE], so be on the lookout. I’ll tell you more details when I learn more.”

When the event is about three weeks away, start giving them more information. During a class or an office meeting, you can start asking your clients/employees to sign up for the Whole Life Challenge, and mention people whose names are on the sign-up sheet. You might say something like:

“I just want to take a second to remind everyone that the Whole Life Challenge starts on September 13. I decided to take the Challenge because I know how big of an impact my daily habits have on my performance and life… and I know how much room I have for improvement. I also know how unlikely it is for me to replace my bad habits without the support of the rest of you. So I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to help me get better… and I wanted to make this opportunity available to the rest of you too. We’ve had 13 people sign up so far. I see Andrew and Jessica’s names on the list. Our goal is 30 people, so I hope you’ll let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Otherwise, I hope you’ll get your name up on this list and join us!”

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