Raving Fans – Contact by Phone

Approach your community’s leaders and your raving fans in person and let them know you want them to join. If you are a gym owner, this might mean that you ask top students to join the Challenge. If you are an employer, ask the people who have the most company spirit and / or share the most rapport with other employees.

Every organization has raving fans. These people already love to talk about your organization. Because of their authentic enthusiasm for your gym or business, they will naturally infuse energy into any conversation about your Whole Life Challenge team and pump others up. Reaching out to these people specifically will have a big impact on the number of participants who join your team.

And by all means, reach out to them several times and follow up in person or by phone. For best results, don’t use email to make this request. People will feel more connected and honored if you approach them directly or take time to call them.

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