Player Quick Start Guide

1. Join or create a team

2. Select the nutrition level that you will play at in the Whole Life Challenge. The Performance level is the strictest level, the Lifestyle level is a good choice if you are looking for a long-term lifestyle nutrition program, the Kick Start level is for people who are just getting started and want to make just a few of the most important changes to their diet. Click here to see the Nutrition Level Comparison Chart.

3. Take your Preliminary WLC Measurements, which includes:

(1) A measurable workout that can be recorded with a single time or score that can be improved upon during the Challenge;
(2) Basic body measurements, which can be either your weight, your body fat percentage, or the girth measurements of your waist and hips in inches or centimeters; and
(3) Before photos taken for your own personal records. Record the results in the "My Profile" tab under the "Snapshot" and "Before and After" sections.

4. Play the game! This means:

  • Nutrition - eat WLC-compliant food
  • Exercise for 10 minutes a day
  • Mobilize - Stretch for 10 minutes a day
  • Hydrate - Drink 1/3 of your bodyweight in ounces of water each day (20 ml per kg of bodyweight)
  • Get your required amount of Sleep
  • Incorporate the week’s Well-Being Practice into your day
  • Reflect each day on your progress

5. Use the Daily Play Tab to record your score every day in each of the following daily habits:

  • Nutrition—You start the day with 5 points and lose a point each time you eat food that is not compliant with the Whole Life Challenge rules at your level. Click here for complete lists of what is allowed and prohibited in each of the 3 nutrition levels of the Whole Life Challenge.
  • Exercise—You earn 5 points each day for exercising for at least 10 minutes.
  • Mobilization—You earn 5 points each day for 10 minutes of stretching.
  • Hydration—You earn 5 points each day for drinking 1/3 of your bodyweight in ounces in water.
  • Sleep—You earn 5 points each day for getting your required amount of sleep.
  • Well-Being—You earn 5 points each day for incorporating the weekly Well-Being Practice into your day.
  • Reflection—You earn 5 points each day for writing a short recap of how the Challenge is going, what you’ve noticed, what you’re learning or what you’re going to change.

**Note: The Reflection Feed is the heart and soul of the game. Be sure to respond to your teammates’ reflections, offer support, empathize, and check-in with them regularly.

6. Enter your score each day any time after 7 PM but before 11:59 PM of the following night. If you fail to enter your score by 11:59 the following night, your score will automatically be recorded as a 0.

7. MULLIGANS - If you forget to record your score in time, you can enter your missed score by using a “mulligan.” All players beging the game with 3 mulligans.


(a) Indulgence Tokens – earn one token by losing fewer than two nutrition points in any consecutive 4-day period. That means you will need to earn at least 19/20 nutrition points in the 4-day period to earn the indulgence bonus. Each indulgence token is worth 1 food point and will be applied to a subsequent nutrition score when you enter fewer than 5 points for nutrition in your daily score.

(b) Rest Day Tokens – earn one token by exercising for 10 consecutive days. This token will be applied automatically to your exercise score when you next enter a "no" in Exercise in your daily score.

(c) Free Day Tokens – earn one free day token by losing no more than 3 points over a 21-day span. Your use of other bonus tokens will not hurt your ability to earn the free day token. This means you can lose more than 3 points in the nutrition and exercise categories over the 21-day period, but you must have available bonus tokens to immediately make up for the losses. The free day token is elective. It will never automatically be applied. You can choose to use this token at any time once you earn it by clicking on it rather than entering your score. This token will be applied to all categories, giving you a perfect score, including your reflection, for the day.

9. Take your Final WLC Measurements, which includes:

(1) The same measurable workout you did for your before measurements; (2) The same basic body measurements you took during your before measurements (3) After photos taken for your own personal records.

10. The winner of your team is the player with the lowest combined ranking (i.e. 1st beats 2nd) based on the combination of three weighted rankings:

  • Total Daily Points—This will account for 50% of your final ranking.
  • Workout Improvement—This will be determined by your percentage improvement in the time or score of your WLC Before and After workout. This will account for 25% of your final ranking.
  • Measurement Improvement—This will be determined by your percentage improvement over the initial measurements of your chosen WLC Before and After Measurements. This will account for 25% of your final ranking.
A full-color, printable version of this guide can be downloaded here.
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