Why do you recommend animal fat like butter, lard, and tallow?

Animal fats, like butter, tallow, and lard are an excellent choice for cooking and health. They are very stable at high heat and they go rancid like polyunsaturated fats—think canola oil and other vegetable oils.

The saturated fats and cholesterol they contain are critical for brain and cellular health. No, saturated fat is not the devil it has been made out to be. In fact, cholesterol is so important that if you don't eat it, your body will make more on it's own.

Butter has a whole host of health benefits.

It is high on fat soluble vitamins A D, E and K.

Grass fed butter is the best source of conjugated linoleic acid, regarded to be a powerful cancer fighting fatty acids.

It contains glycospingolipids, which is a special type of fatty acid that helps fight gastro-intestinal infection.

It is a balanced source of omega-3 and omega-6.

There are a lot of good reasons to eat butter, lard, and tallow. These long-vilified fats have always been essential to human health and proper cellular function.

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