RULES: Pre-Game Workout & Body Measurement

Starting the Challenge

The Whole Life Challenge begins and ends with the Whole Life Challenge Body & Fitness Measurements, which consists of three items:

1. A measurable workout
2. Basic body measurements
3. Photos (before and after)

A measurable workout is one that can be measured by a single score or a time that you can improve upon during the course of the Challenge. For example, running or walking a measured distance (like 1 mile) as fast as you can will give you a TIME result. Doing as many sit-ups as you can in 1 minute will give you a SCORE result. Either is acceptable because it can be improved upon.

On the other hand, completing a 1-hour yoga, Pilates, or spinning class does not constitute a measurable workout. No matter how many times you do it, your time will always be 1 hour. You have no possibility for a time improvement.

Note that your team leader might prescribe a specific workout for your team.

Basic body measurements consist of 1 of 3 types of measurements:

1. Girth measurements of your waist and hips in inches or centimeters; or

2. Weight in pounds or kilograms, or

3. Body fat percentage.

You can select which basic body measurement you choose to record within your profile.

Before/After Photos are for your reference only. They will not be used to determine of your official score.

If you wish, all of your measurements and your photo can remain private on your profile.

You will repeat your measurements again when you complete the Challenge. Your improvement in your workout score and measurements will be part of the formula used to determine your final ranking among your teammates.

Complete your Before and After Measurements before or during the first week of the Challenge. Enter your results in your "My Profile" tab under the "Measurement" and "Before and After" sections.

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