Rules: Finishing The Challenge

Finishing the Challenge

Since you started on a Saturday, the last day you will enter a daily score for is a Friday (you will be able to enter this score through midnight on Saturday, but not after, even with a mulligan).

The Whole Life Challenge isn’t officially complete, however, until you have taken your final Whole Life Challenge Body & Fitness Measurements, which are designed to be done on Saturday.

As a reminder, the Whole Life Challenge Before and After Measurements consists of:

1. Do the same measurable workout (as measured by a time or a score) that you performed during the preliminary.
2. Take the same basic body measurements you took during the preliminary (girth of waist and hips, weight, body fat percentage).
3. Take an after photo in the same pose and clothes as your before photo, if possible. This is for your reference only and is highly recommended.
4. Complete the three or eleven Quality of Life questions again. Remember this? You answered these prior to the start of the Challenge. Do it again now to see how things have changed. These, too, are for your reference only and not part of your final ranking.

Finals Event

If you are a member of an official team, your team leader will likely plan a finals event and enter your workout time/score and body measurements during this event.

If you are not a member of an official team, or if your team leader hasn’t planned a finals event, we recommend that you take your Whole Life Challenge Body & Fitness Measurements on Saturday morning.

There are no penalties for taking your Whole Life Challenge Before and After Measurements early, and you have four weeks after the Challenge ends to enter your "After" Measurement numbers. That said, the Saturday after the last day of the Challenge is where all of your efforts will culminate. This is the optimal target day for your final Before and After Measurements. Make every effort you can to do it on that day.

Final Ranking

If you are not playing with a team, you will receive a Final Stats page that details your overall performance during the game

  • Days scored
  • Average daily score
  • Weekly averages in each of the 7 Daily Habits
  • A comparison of any fitness and body measurements you entered
  • A side-by-side comparison of your Quality of Life questions, Before and After photos, and stated Goals and Outcomes.


If you are playing with a team, whether it is Official or Unofficial, you will have a Team Stats page that will show you a little bit about how each of your team members did - attendance percentage and average daily scores

If you are playing with an Official team and your team captain has created official fitness and body measurements for your team, your team members' details will also include their improvement percentages in their fitness and body measurements and you will be ranked among your teammates in three categories (as long as you have completed your Preliminary and Final Self-Assessments):

1. Total Daily Points—This will account for 50% of your final ranking.

2. Workout Improvement—This will be determined by your percentage improvement in the time or score of your WLC Workout. This will account for 25% of your final ranking.

3. Body Measurement Improvement—This will be determined by your percentage improvement over the initial measurements. This will account for 25% of your final ranking.

You must enter your final daily score and both Before and After Workout and Body Measurements to appear on the Finals Board.

The player on your team who is ranked highest is the player with the lowest combined rank score based on the combination of these three rankings. In the event of a tie, the player with the higher average daily score will be ranked higher.

Whole Life Challenge HQ does not declare an overall winner of the worldwide Challenge. In fact, there is no overall winner. You will be able to see results from other groups around the world, but none of these results will have any bearing on the winner of your group.

Final ranking in Daily Points will not be negatively affected by the use of bonus points.

Awards and Prizes

Official teams may or may not offer prizes. It is up to the team leader to decide if and how these prizes will be awarded.

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