Rules: Mulligans


In the event that you forget to record your score during the scoring window—we all do it from time to time—you may use a “mulligan” to enter your score. A mulligan gives you the ability to record any score you may have missed for any reason. All players receive three mulligans at the beginning of the game. There is no way to earn additional mulligans.

A mulligan is not permission to give yourself a perfect score. It is an opportunity to re-open scoring for a day you missed entering your score during the scoring window.

To use a mulligan, click on the number next to the word mulligan on your dashboard (which is also the number of mulligans you have remaining.)


Then, click on the day you'd like to enter a score for from the list in the popup window. If no days are displayed in the popup window, then you have no un-scored days available to use a mulligan. Remember, if any score was entered in any category, that day is no longer eligible for using a mulligan.


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