Rules: Reflect

Reflections (0 or 5 points)

When posting your daily score, you will have a chance to earn 5 points by posting a “Reflection,” or a short recap of how the Challenge is going, what you've noticed, what you're learned, or what you are going to change. Think of your reflections as a public journal. It will be visible to teammates and other players in the Challenge, and other players will be able to comment on your reflection with support, motivation, or suggestions.

If you wish, you can limit who can read your reflections to your team only (exclude your reflections from the World Feed.) You can change the visibility of your reflections in your privacy settings.


Though not part of the official rules, it’s important to note that reading your teammates’ “Reflections” in the feed—and then offering them encouragement and support—is a big part of the Whole Life Challenge. This is where players can check-in to see how other people on the team are doing. This is the heart and soul of the game. It’s where people from both official and unofficial teams can engage, support, empathize, and interact.

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