Rules: Exercise

Exercise (0 or 5 points)

Did you intentionally spend 10 minutes doing something that YOU would consider exercise? If so, you can score yourself a “yes,” and earn 5 points for the day.

How does the Whole Life Challenge define “exercise?” We let you decide. If walking around the block is exercise to you (and it takes you at least 10 minutes), then you have met this daily requirement. Generally speaking, if your heart-rate is elevated and you are doing something to build your strength, endurance, stamina, speed, power, balance, coordination, agility, or accuracy, then we’d call it exercise.

For those of you that like to train hard, remember that active recovery counts too, so go out and have fun, play Frisbee, kick a soccer ball, take a walk, ride a bike. Sometimes, “playing” is as important as going hard for your overall well-being.

We recommend 3-5 “gym” or “workout” days and fulfilling the rest of the days with active recovery.

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