Rules: Daily Play

Daily Play

On Day 1 of the Challenge, you will begin scoring yourself in the “7 Daily Habits.”

These habits are:

  1. Nutrition—worth 0-5 points each day
  2. Exercise—worth 5 points each day
  3. Mobilize—worth 5 points each day
  4. Hydrate—worth 5 points each day
  5. Sleep—worth 5 points each day
  6. Well-Being Practice—worth 5 points each day

The 7th Daily Habit, and the final element of your daily score, is your “Reflection,” which is a short, public journal entry you post about your progress in the Challenge. Posting a reflection is worth 5 points.

You can earn a maximum of 35 points each day.

Enter your daily score on the “Daily Play” tab at the close of each day, beginning on DAY 1. You will have from 7pm each day until midnight the following night (29 hours) to record your score for the day.

For a somewhat more thorough treatment of the scoring system, see How Do Points Work in the Whole Life Challenge, or see the Complete Game Rules for all the details, including how to enter your points each day. 

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