What’s the difference between a player, a team, and an official team?

  • A player is each person who wants to play.

  • A team (also known as an unofficial team) is a bunch of pals who want to keep an eye on each other during the game. Unofficial teams are personal teams that any registered player can create. Unofficial teams are typically a group of friends or family members who want to support one another. You may even have groups inside of your official team get together to form their own unofficial teams.

    To create or join an unofficial team, click the orange "CREATE OR JOIN A TEAM" button on your dashboard, located below your avatar on the left side.


  • An official team is a group of like-minded people such as a gym, a business, or an association, with a defined leader, an EIN, and a bank account, that wants to be in business with us. 

    Official teams are teams run by owners of gyms, fitness programs, or businesses. They are official ambassadors of the program. They are encouraged (though not required) by the Whole Life Challenge to host a preliminary and a final event, provide prizes to the players on their team, and provide support and coaching throughout the Challenge to their team members (since they have access to their members’ daily check-in statistics.)

    Most official teams are local to a geographic area and have a professional relationship with their members. For instance, a gym might create an official team for all the members of its gym community. Most of the players (if not all) on this team would be members of the gym, along with their friends and family members, and therefore in the same local area. This allows team members of the team to interact face-to-face regularly over the course of the Challenge, show up for workouts, and attend both the preliminary and final events. Players may be on only one official team.

To see some of the support materials provided to official team captains, check out the Partner Resources Page. To register your official team (and get set up to earn revenue for your organization), click here. For all the details on official teams, visit the Whole Life Challenge for business downloads page.

Each player can join up to two teams (but only one official team). For best results, we suggest that every player join or create at least one team.


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