When are my bonus points applied?

During the Challenge, you will have the chance to earn bonus points in the NUTRITION, EXERCISE, and SLEEP categories.

Bonus point use

Your indulgence, rest day, and night owl bonuses will be applied automatically whenever you record a "no" in their respective categories - nutrition, exercise, and sleep.

Bonus points cannot be saved and applied later, nor can they be applied to previous days. The game will automatically apply the number of nutrition bonus points needed to bring your score up to a 5. If you do not have enough to bring your score to a 5, the game will apply all the bonus points you have.

Your Free Day Bonus is the only elective bonus, and can be applied by you at any time by clicking on the toke for the Free Day Bonus that appears on the daily Record Your Score form. A perfect score, reflection included, will be automatically submitted.

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