My goal is to gain strength, is this Challenge for me?


Most of this program and the testimonials seem to focus on weight loss. My aim is to get more competitive, though, and I need to gain quite a lot of strength and likely weight over the next few months to a year. Can this program be used when trying to gain weight? Do you have others with similar goals?


This is not a weight loss or weight gain program. This is a lifestyle program. If you have goals, this program is designed to have you do what it takes daily to reach your goals. We have had people ask us about weight gain before, I'll be honest - this program supports weight loss more than weight gain. BUT, if you are concerned about performance, performance is definitely an aspect of the WLC. The WLC is primarily a program for accountability. The results that people get in the WLC come from 6 weeks of personal accountability to the program they are currently training.


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