What do I do if I am traveling?

Have a great time! And you will still need to enter your points each day. Don’t let the Challenge keep you from enjoying your vacation. You can, however, use the Challenge to help you stay sane and choose what is important, and what is not. This is a key point. Your normal non-Challenge life most likely includes interruptions in your daily routine, whether those are business trips, camping trips, or even emergencies.

How you treat yourself during these non-typical times is just as important as how you treat yourself in your everyday life.

The bottom line is: all the rules apply wherever you are -- at home, on vacation, or on a business trip. If you will be out of touch to enter your score (no internet access at all), make arrangements with someone to communicate your score to and have him or her enter it for you within the scoring window. Alternately, you can use any mulligans you have left to enter missed days when you return.

If you still have questions, please click here to send a message to WLC support staff. They are happy to help you.

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