How do points work in the Whole Life Challenge?

  • You can earn up to 35 points each day.

  • For Nutrition, you START the day with 5 points (how cool is that?), and subtract 1 point each time you eat a serving of a nutrition no-no. For example, if you decide to eat toast with your breakfast, that will cost you a point. Wine with dinner? Another point. Your score is the number of points (out of 5) you’re left with at the end of the day. To see what's permitted on each level, click here.

  • For Exercise, you’ll earn 5 points each day you do at least ten minutes of ANY kind of exercise - from a hard core monster workout to running or yoga, or even active recovery like biking around town or playing Frisbee on the beach with friends. If YOU say it was exercise for you, then it counts!

  • For Mobilizing, you’ll earn 5 points each day when you do at least 10 minutes of stretching or mobilizing. You can do any type you like - even a yoga class counts. No massage, though... you gotta do this one yourself!

  • For Hydration, you’ll earn 5 points each day for drinking 1/3oz of water for every pound of bodyweight (thats 1 oz for every 3# of bodyweight or 22mL for every kilo)
  • For Sleep, you’ll earn 5 points each day for completing the number of hours you prescribed yourself at the start of the Challenge. This one’s up to you. You’ll want to get as much of a full night’s rest as you can, but you can also choose a number that is a stretch over what you are currently getting regularly. Choose an amount of time that you can reasonably expect to get with a little extra effort.

  • In the Well-Being Practice category, you’ll earn 5 points each day for completing the current Well-Being Practice. These rotate over the course of the Challenge. Don’t worry, we’ll warn you! This category includes things like sleep, meditation, water, etc. To see past Well-Being Practices as well as the most current one, you can visit the Well-Being Practice section of the WLC blog.

  • You'll earn your final 5 points by entering your daily Reflection, a short update about what you're learning or discovering each day. This is free-form, but don't discount its value for your personal growth.

    Take a minute to think about what's happening to you and for you in the Challenge, what it's inspiring in you, something interesting you've observed, or to make a note for yourself to act on at a later date. The possibilities here are nearly infinite, so an extra few seconds of reflection before committing your thoughts to the feed can be well worth it - you might even inspire someone else!
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