What’s a portion size? What kind of piece of pizza will cost me a point?

Q: Is a slice of pizza one point, or is it one point for the wheat, one for the cheese, and one for the sugar and one for the HFCS in the sauce?

A: A single, reasonably-sized slice of pizza (one serving) will cost one nutrition point.

Like most parts of this game, the nutrition habit relies on the honor system. If it was really more than one piece, and you know it, call it two. Don’t eat a whole unsliced pizza and call it one slice.

On day 43 (the day after after the Challenge ends), the winner or loser is going to be you, so make the most of the game while you're playing. Use it to create healthier habits, to reinforce better choices. Gaming the system for a higher score or to see what you can get away with and still be "compliant" will only ensure that you fall back to your old ways as soon as the Challenge is done.

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