Where can I find a list of stretches?

Mobilizing daily is one area of the Challenge that can pay big dividends for your body if you stick with it for the entire six weeks. But one of the big challenges is knowing what to do each day, and how to do it. 

We're giving you some assistance with structure and a schedule. We've broken mobilizing down into 7 essential stretches, each done on one specific day each week. Your goal is to accumulate 10 minutes in that stretch on that day (all at the same time, or as you go through your day).

By the way, this is totally optional. If you have stretches you normally do that you like, or you go to yoga, or something else, great! This is simply a way for you to structure your week and give you something specific to do each day. 

Below is the video introduction explaining it more thoroughly. 

All the videos for the week, one for each day, can be found by clicking this link to our Day-by-Day Mobility Page 

For many more instructional videos, visit our Mobility and Yoga Video Archive

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