I’m new to this. Do I have to exercise every day?

Yes, but we don’t expect you to perform a full-on, hardcore workout every day. The exercise requirement is simply that you move for at least 10 minutes every day. On some days, you might go out and do a really hard run or traditional workout in the gym. On other days, you might simply go for a jog or a hike, or even throw a frisbee or football around with a friend. Just be active every day to earn your points.  The most important thing is that YOU get to decide whether it counts or not. Were you intentional about it?

And don't forget, you'll earn a "rest day" for a 10 day streak. That means that if you exercise for 10 days in a row, you'll earn a rest day token that you can use to earn your exercise points even if you take a day off.

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