How to Set the Tone For Your Team

Always remember that, as Captain, you set the tone for the Challenge. Liken this to getting married. Imagine that you are ecstatic to be getting married. You can’t wait for the big day. You are filled with energy, happy, and anxiously awaiting the big day.

Other people would be excited, too, right?

Now contrast this to the person who downplays his or her wedding.

“It’s no big deal. We’ve been together for ten years, so we are basically already married for all intents and purposes. Now we just need the piece of paper. Show up if you can, but don’t sweat it.”

Turnout would be pretty dismal if this were your attitude.

Likewise, your teammates will take your lead. They will take the Challenge seriously if you do. To make the Whole Life Challenge an extraordinary experience, you must take the lead by knowing the rules, treating them with respect and integrity, and creating a framework for your team members to engage in the game.

The partner resources area is your guide and support system to create that extraordinary experience for your players.

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