Pre-Game Huddle

About two weeks before the Challenge begins, start planning your “pre-game huddle.” This is an event (usually held in the evening or on a weekend) that lasts about 90 minutes during which you get a chance to walk everyone through the Challenge.

You can send this email inviting your team members to the huddle. So that your team members come to the meeting prepared, you could also send them the complete rules, the player quick-start guide, and the Nutrition Levels.

The huddle is a chance for your team to get together and get their questions answered and gain clarity on the rules. (Just because your team members have the rules in writing doesn’t mean they understand everything, nor does it stop them from misinterpreting them.)

You’ll tell your team members what to expect and how to prepare.

Download the presentation to use during your Pre-Game Huddle below.

PowerPoint Version

PDF Version

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