Facebook & Twitter Sample Posts

Encourage your friends to join your team by sharing your team’s unique URL on your social media sites and by email. Over the course of three three-week period leading up to the Challenge, you might write things like this:

  • “Hey! How’s your willpower? Join my Whole Life Challenge team to play alongside me: [Insert your team’s unique URL].”
  • “Who do you want to be on [end date of next Challenge]? Stronger? Happier? More energetic? A better husband? Better mom? Let’s do the WLC together: [Insert your team’s unique URL]”
  • “You guys! It starts in 7 days. Who is coming with me? [Insert your team’s unique URL]”
  • “I’m doing this with Ryan, Nick, Jill, Tanya, Patricia, Mike, Latia, John, Sue, Bill, Sarah, Charmaine, Tim, Brad, and Jean. You’re invited too: [Insert your team’s unique URL].”
  • “Whole Life Challenge prelim workout is happening tomorrow. PM me if you haven’t signed up but still want to come! [insert your team’s unique URL].”
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