Create Your Team and Invite Players

Please note: This help article is for creating unofficial teams only. If you would like to join the Whole Life Challenge as a partner and create an official team, please visit our WLC for Business site or email JENNA@WHOLELIFECHALLENGE.COM . We will walk you through the process and get you started right!

It is easy to invite players to your team once you've set it up. While you can share the invitation link with people before they sign up, please note that players DO NOT have to use that link exclusively to join your team. Players can sign up through that link and will be automatically added to your team, or they can click the link after joining and be added to your team, or they can click CREATE OR JOIN A TEAM from their Dashboards, then search for your team by name and click JOIN TEAM once they find it.

Everyone is free to join or leave a team at any time.


For email services such as gmail, it can be useful to set up a group of contacts with your team members in it for quick and easy communication during the game. You can set this group up to invite them, too, by adding all the people you'd like to invite, then emailing the link to join your team to the group.

Once your team has been created, you'll be able to copy the join link.


Any time you would like to get the join link again, you can click on the INVITE FRIENDS button on your Dashboard.


That's about it for creating a team and inviting players to join you. Be sure to follow up with anyone you don't hear from - they might have missed your message! If you have questions for us, please email or click on the Chat button on the bottom right of any Whole Life Challenge web page.



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