Food Myths and Legends



Each week during the Challenge we’re sending you (our Partners and Team Captains) a rundown of our best tips and methods to increase your team’s engagement with the Challenge. You can put these tools in action using the Captain’s Post (a message to your whole team, pinned to the top of the Communication Feed. You can create one by selecting “Captain’s Post” in the dropdown when you write an update (desktop) or checking the Captain’s Post box (in the iOS or Android App).

Why do these Captain’s Practices?

The food industry is awash in myths, financial interest and poor science combining to spread bogus health information (and leaving the average person completely unaware of what’s actually good for them).

This means your players are confused...and rightfully so.

  • They’re told they need fiber in the form of grain- and wheat-based products
  • They’re told that regular milk consumption is the only way to prevent osteoporosis
  • They’re told they need a low-fat diet (and saturated fat must be completely avoided)
  • They’re told that cholesterol consumption (especially eggs) must be minimized
  • They’re told that soy is a health food, especially for women
  • They’re told that a “calorie is a calorie”, whether it comes from Coca Cola or carrots

Of course, we take a dim view of these claims here at the Whole Life Challenge
, confident in the knowledge that many of the products, foodstuffs, and claims promoted to our players on a daily basis are in fact pro-inflammatory, heavily subsidized, (and in no way supported by the underlying scientific research).

This week, we’ll use our Captain’s Post to give our players an alternative view of food, including an understanding of how the Challenge Nutrition Levels are set up to reduce inflammation, along with an understanding of the health issues that come with regular dairy and wheat consumption.

We’ll consider it a bit of “myth busting”—and a huge public service.


Captain’s Practice #5: Myths and Legends

We’ll write our Captain’s Post this Wednesday. In it, you’ll provide your players with a look at some of the Whole Life Challenge’s best resources — a collection of our most popular nutrition articles, created to help your players understand the food rules (and nutrition in general) while setting them up for a lifetime of dietary success.

Below, you’ll find a sample post to inspire you, taken from our own Captain’s Posts to our teams. It lists the must-read articles for your players, along with a little background on our long-term views about nutrition. Pick one article or link them all.


Sample Post:

Hey Team!

Welcome to Week 5 of the Challenge.

We’re well over halfway there (yay!) and I wanted to celebrate by letting you in on some of the most important information behind the Whole Life Challenge.

Specifically, I want to introduce you to a collection of articles you NEED to read.

This is the good stuff, five articles the WLC published over the last two years, each with a single aim — dispelling the myths that surround food, health, and weight loss.

Check them out (especially the ones about wheat and dairy, along with the “calorie is not a calorie” section of 3 Lies of Fitness), and definitely hit me up if you have any questions.

These are the things you need to know about nutrition (even long after the Challenge is over):

3 Lies of Fitness

The Problem With Wheat and the Power You Have to Fix It

The Truth About Dairy: What to Avoid, What’s Okay, and Why

The “Why” of the Whole Life Challenge Food Rules

The Hard Truth About Happy Hour and Your Health

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