Team Captain Guidebook - Chapter 3: WLC Cheat Sheet


As leaders, we need our players to know the why behind the WLC.

Why we use small steps to create lifelong Habits.
Why we score ourselves honestly and consistently.
Why we turn our favorite well-being practices into forever practices.
And why we think sugar (and dairy and wheat and alcohol) are messing you up.

But sometimes, our players aren’t interested in philosophy and science and explanation.

Sometimes, they just want to get the show on the road.
They just want to know what to do.
(And they want to know right now.)

For them (and every other curious Challenger), we’ve put together the Whole Life Challenge Cheat Sheet.

It’s 21 actionable tips on what you can do right now to succeed at the Challenge.
It’s short on philosophy.
And long on action.
(And we’re sending it to them today.)

You can download your copy below.

Give it a read, and then share a few of your favorite tips with your Team. Use the Captain’s Post function of the Comm Feed, send out an email, or just discuss it.

Whatever you choose to do, get your Team talking about how they can integrate the 7 Daily Habits into their life, one action at a time.

P.S. If you like the E-book, let us know. 
We’d love for you to tell us what you think viaTwitter (@wholelife), FacebookInstagram, or just a simple email. We’re planning on creating more resources like this in the very near future, and your reaction would be much appreciated.
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