End-of-Challenge Guidance


Each week during the Challenge we’re sending you (our Partners and Team Captains) a rundown of our best tips and methods to increase your team’s engagement with the Challenge. You can put these tools in action using the Captain’s Post (a message to your whole team, pinned to the top of the Communication Feed. You can create one by selecting “Captain’s Post” in the dropdown when you write an update (desktop) or checking the Captain’s Post box (in the iOS or Android App).

This week’s Captain’s Practice: write a Captain’s Post or team email that helps your team members experience a positive, uplifting end to the January Challenge, openly encouraging them to continue their wellness journey.

Why do this Captain’s Practice?

For 6 weeks, your team members have worked to overcome the challenges of creating optimal health—eating correctly, cultivating a strong exercise habit, relating to the world in a more open, caring way, focusing on personal peace of mind, experiencing both struggle and triumph.

You’ve led them along, providing strong leadership in the form of support, encouragement, and example.

Now, it’s time to leave them with one last piece of guidance, giving the gift of accomplishment and motivation. Your final Captain’s Post or team email will provide the drive for your teammates to continue their most impactful practices, leaving them primed to enjoy the lessons of the Whole Life Challenge for the future.

Here’s a Sample Post for you to use. Feel free to copy it or modify to your needs. Also, thank YOU so much for being a Team Captain. The Challenge wouldn’t be the success it has become without you, and we appreciate your leadership. You’re the reason this works!


Sample Post


Please take a moment to read, respond (and if you would, take a bit of personal action).

First, I want you to know how proud I am of what you’ve achieved over the last six weeks. The Whole Life Challenge is not easy, and I know you’ve worked hard to play well. Thanks for being on the team.

If your experience was anything like mine, you’ve seen some great weeks (and some not so great ones). You built solid habits, and hopefully, felt what true health can be like on a day-to-day basis. Hopefully, you even learned something about yourself and your relationships.

Now that we find ourselves at the end of the Challenge, there are just a few more things to do. These are things that will help you recognize what you’ve achieved and make a plan for the future. They’ll definitely keep you motivated in the break before the next Challenge, and I’d encourage all of you to spend a half hour on the following:

  • Find a quiet space and spend 10 minutes with a notebook and pen. Write down your four most important lessons from the Challenge. Which habits did you have the most success in changing? Which Well-Being Practices made you feel the best? What did you learn about your own behavior, and what is the most important habit for you to continue during the break?
  • Visit your Whole Life Challenge Profile (https://game.wholelifechallenge.com/users/sign_in#/my-profile) and click on “My Profile”. Enter your after measurements (if you took preliminary ones), take an “after” photo, and complete the self-assessment.

    While the body and performance changes can be awesome to see, definitely focus on the self-assessment. It will show you how far your attitudes have come and what you’ve achieved — personally, I found my results surprising and motivating (even though my daily Challenge scores were anything but perfect).
  • Mark your calendar for the next Challenge. It starts on May 20th, and I’d love it if we did this again. Whether you actually join or not, it’s always good to have the reminder, and you’ll know there’s a team ready for you if you want to continue this journey together. You’re always welcome on this Team.

Thanks so much for doing this with us. It means the world to Amanda and I that you’d join us, and we truly hope your life has changed for the better. We’re proud of you guys.


Jon and Amanda

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