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Each week during the Challenge we’re sending you (our Partners and Team Captains) a rundown of our best tips and methods to increase your team’s engagement with the Challenge. You can put these tools in action using the Captain’s Post (a message to your whole team, pinned to the top of the Communication Feed. You can create one by selecting “Captain’s Post” in the dropdown when you write an update (desktop) or by checking the Captain’s Post box (in the iOS or Android App).

Why do these Captain’s Practices?

Success in the Whole Life Challenge isn’t a matter of willpower (or going it alone). Rather, it’s the result of carefully thought out rules, a huge helping of community support, and the unique accountability that comes from leader-driven teams.

That’s where you come in — a leader, keeping your team moving toward the (very real) results that come when all 7 Daily Habits are practiced regularly.  

This week, we’ll use our Captain’s Post to focus on one of the most transformative of Habits — staying on track with nutrition.

  • Nutrition is one of the most powerful aspects of the Whole Life Challenge
  • This week, we’ll give our players the inspiration they need to make good dietary choices by introducing them to the “whys” behind the Challenge nutrition lists
  • You’ll give them those “whys” in the form of book and film recommendations
  • A sample Captain’s Post is included in this email (along with some books and films you might recommend)

Captain’s Practice #2: Build and Share Your Knowledge

We’ll write one Captain’s Post this week — to go up this Wednesday.

In it, you’ll provide a few of the books or documentaries that have influenced your understanding of nutrition, choosing those that explain why we omit sugar, wheat, and dairy (while limiting alcohol and other inflammatory foods).

Here is a sample post to inspire you this week, culled from our Captain’s Posts to our own teams.  You’ll want to edit it to fit your style and details, but it should help you create your own post without starting from scratch.

In the Sample Post, you’ll also find a list of books and documentaries that have influenced us. While we may not agree with 100% of their content (and we always recommend doing your own fact-checking), each is an excellent source for learning more about food and nutrition  — and for developing the habit of critical thinking about why we eat the things we do.


Sample Post:

Hi Guys!

Welcome to Week 2 of the January Challenge.

This week, I want to introduce you to one of the most powerful habits that I’ve learned up in terms of staying on track with nutrition during the Challenge — reading the “why” behind my food choices while I eat, cook, and avoid temptation.

Here are the basics:

When I’m trying to eat properly (i.e., omitting sugar, wheat, industrial oils, most alcohol, and every bit of dairy except butter on the Lifestyle level), I’ve found that I’m much more likely to stay on the Challenge and earn all my points if I’m simultaneously reading about nutrition—understanding why I’m doing what I’m doing (rather than just doing it “because the rules say so”).

My favorite nutrition genre is expose on the food industry — a style that Gary Taubes has mastered with his books “Good Calories, Bad Calories” and “The Case Against Sugar”. At the same time, I’ve found a bunch of authors and filmmakers that I enjoy, those who mix science, story (and a little bit of general outrage).

Lustig, Pollan, Eades, Cordain, Wolf, and Perlmutter all come to mind.

Below is a list of books and movies that have influenced me.  My recommendation — pick one up and start reading (or watching). I guarantee you’ll be more likely to get those nutrition points, and you’ll be better educated on why you’re making the choice to eat according to the Whole Life Challenge rules.


The Case Against Sugar - Taubes
The Paleo Diet - Cordain
Salt, Sugar, Fat - Moss
The Protein Power Lifeplan (bad title, great book) - Eades
The Paleo Solution - Wolf
Grain Brain (again, dumb title, good book) - Perlmutter
Fat Chance - Lustig


Fed Up - Documentary (2014)
Food, Inc. - Documentary (2008)
King Corn - Documentary (2007)

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