How Do I See My Previous Challenge Data?

You can view all your previous (paid) Challenges by logging in to your account, then entering the URL (web address) for any previous Challenge you've done.

When you log in, you'll be taken to the current Challenge automatically. At the time of this writing, that is April 2018.


The URL will look like this if you haven't paid yet:

or possibly like this if you've advanced to the payment screen:

If you've already paid, it will look like this (and you will be taken to your dashboard):

From there, you can simply click on any link below to go to the Challenge of your choice:

January 2018:

September 2017:

May 2017:

January 2017:

September 2016:

May 2016:

January 2016:

September 2015:

The Advanced WLC:

May 2015:

January 2015:

September 2014:

May 2014:

January 2014:

September 2013:


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