What do I do between Challenges?

One of the main ideas of the Whole Life Challenge is that the Challenge is a period of practice. One of the best ways to see how well you've learned the skills and ingrained the habits is to take an "off" period. Which is why we recommend letting the effects of the Challenge demonstrate themselves in the period between Challenges

We think of it as "on" and "off" seasons. The "off" season, when you rest, is actually where a lot of growth takes place. You can think of the Challenge, or the "on" season, as a time when you prepare the soil, plant the seeds, and tend the shoots. The "off" season is when you grow in the water and the sunshine.

The most important thing to remember is that we all need rest. You've done a lot of good work and we'd be willing to bet you'd be surprised how well you can do simply living your new life!

Here's more if you'd like to read up on our philosophy and what we've found after years of Challenges:

6-on and 6-off: A New Era for the Whole Life Challenge



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