Why Won't You Extend the Discount for Me?

We get requests for discounts all the time. Believe me, we've heard every reason. Here are some of them:

  • I just missed the early registration cut-off by a day, can I still have the early registration price?
  • I've completed 5 Challenges before and am a loyal customer.
  • My wife is going to do it and now I need to register so I can play with her.
  • I didn't get any email reminders
  • My computer refused to let me sign up in time
  • I've done 5 Challenges and I always tell people about it
  • I can’t/won't pay $49 for the WLC

Here's the thing. Deadlines matter. When you miss a deadline, just like when you get a parking ticket, you could just kick yourself, right? It sucks, and we’ve all been there. You don't want to pay that extra, hard-earned money for the mistake - for nothing but "air". I feel the same way.

But in the world of the Whole Life Challenge, taking personal responsibility for your actions matters. It's what this is all about. In fact, we believe your life depends on it.

You missed a deadline, so it's going to cost you more to register. You don't like it. I get it. We don't like it either (that you missed it). But regardless of how it feels, taking responsibility means choosing to register, or not. Reactivity is not your friend.

Here’s how we see it. A full-price registration is $49. That's $1.17 per day. It's also less than 1/10th the price of working with a trainer for 6 weeks. For $49, the WLC often delivers incredible, life-changing results. The Challenge connects you with a worldwide community of like-minded people moving in the same positive direction with the same intention. It opens the door to a journey of personal growth.

So, is the $49 worth it? We believe, wholeheartedly, YES.

Another way frame the question:

Is it worth not doing, when the difference is less than the price of four lattès?

It's something only you can decide. We're not going to try to convince you.

We'd love for you to join us for this Challenge. If you decide it's not worth it, that's OK, too. We hope you'll come back for the next one, when you can jump in during early registration and save yourself the $10 or $20.

Andy Petranek,
co-Founder and co-CEO
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